Frequently Asked Questions
How to register ?

Steps for a successful registration:

1 Tip: Fields must be completed.

2 Tip: Follow the input statements describing the deposited green question mark.

3 Tip: Type the data CORRECT.

Can I have multiple accounts?

No. Each user can have only one account. Also note that the user doesn't use the same IP address, otherwise the

accounts are automatically locked and suspended by system. An activation can only be done by our administrators

What should be attended by using the referral tools?

To recruit another user it is necessary that he will register himself by means of your referral tools. If a user will get to the Watching Ad Homepage to sign up by using your referral tools, your username will be showed in the field „referral“. As an alternative it is possible to enter the username manual

From which countries come the users of is accessible to all users from Pakistan and worldwide

How long does it take to receive my payment?

In order to receive your payment request you must wait up to 7 days.

How many direct referrals can i have?

You can have unlimited direct referrals even as a standard member.

Do i have to click ads in order to earn from my referrals the next day?

Yes,you have to click at least 2 ads in order to earn from your referrals the next day.

Do i have to invest in order to get paid?

No,you do not have to invest in order to get paid.
But one time fee only for first registration

Where can i find my referral link and start promoting ?

In order to find your referral link you have to go to your account and then on the left menu click on "Banners".There you will find everything you need in order to promote your referral link and get direct referrals.

What are the benefits of an upgraded member?

As a premium member you get guaranteed $0.01 more in ads.With standard advertisements your earning will be $0.05-$0.08 every day.
As a standard member you earn only 10% from your referrals.Being a premium you get 100% from your referral clicks and commision for every purchase or upgrade your direct referrals do.
You get higher rented referrals limits.
Finally,you can rent and request a payment more often than a standard member.

Is there a minimum amount of the payment?

Yes Minimum amount can paid is 2.00 USD

I did not got my revenue share why?

If you do not get you share that means you was promoted the admistration, Upgraded package has been given to you by any of our staff member.

Remember that revenue will shared in only those members accounts who got their premium membership from their own pockets, their must be a record of their deposits to get their revenue.

Shall I have to Upgrade at any cost?

No, If you want to work as a free member you can work.

Why shall i Upgrade?

Upgrade will Help you to earn 10 Times More than a free member.

Which Upgrade Package Is better ?

Every Upgrade package is better for You, Upgraded Member is a part of our revenue share.

Silver Member =  400% click value

Bronze Member= 500% click value

Golden Member = 700% click value

Ultimate Member = 800% click value

Golden Pro Member = 2000% click value

What Is revenue Share Of Website?

Revenue share is a profit of the website which devides in between upgraded members by their their package revenue percentage.

Revenue will be given in their accounts In every 15 days.

I am a Free Member will i get revenue Share Of the Website?

No, Revenue share Is Only for upgraded Members. Standard Members can only earn from referrals and by watching ads.

How much revenue will I get?

If you are a premium member you will get a percentage of the of the websites income in every 15 days.

Need Help ?

For Any Kind Off Issue Submit A Ticket OR Request At Support Panel.